Bulgarian Team reached second Place in the Go4LoL monthly Final May


The Bulgarian League of Legends Team around the Teamleader Boris " EnderMajle " I. Mihail " Captain Bulgaria " S.and Team Orga Dennis " BeaT! " P. reached the 2 Place in the Go4LoL monthly Final of May.

Here's a little Statement from Boris " EnderMajle " I. Mihail " Captain Bulgaria " S and Dennis " BeaT! " P.


Boris " EnderMajle " I. :

Well i think we could have done better. Iam not really satisfied cause we could have won it. But im still proud we beat MYM and that atleast we won 1 of the Matches at the Final.
we'll keep playing and we're looking forward

Mihail " Captain Bulgaria " S. :

As a team captain of bulgarian`s myR Corsair I have to say that I am very pleased from today`s 2nd place, I am really proud of my team. Not many teams in east have beaten the glorious MYM, considered the best EU East team. Beating them is something that made us so damn happy that now we look forward to every single top team without fear! After beating them we had to play against "Mad Boys" ( ex ALSEN and current Absolute Legends). In the first game we were kinda behind them but after strong team coordination we managed to get above them and win the team fights, which ended with a victory for us. Sadly the final was BO3 and in the next two games we underperformed, we got outpicked and dominated early. We just couldnt get back into the game. Overall, placing 2nd in such a prestigeous tournament, being above all except "Mad Boys" is quite an epic achievement! Hopefully next time we perform better, we learned a lot from that tournament and we are looking forward to the next one!

Dennis " BeaT! " P. :

I think that the team in the first line can be satisfied. Of course it's always nice to the 1st place to be, but today it was not enough. I still look for a successful future with this team. And think, sooner or later we are at the top.

The team was just about to get the win, but it has unfortunately.not enough. Let's see how it will be next month.


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